Nida Merchant on 05/27/2020

Freshman orientation during COVID-19

As Georgia State’s incoming freshmen begin their transition to college, they have been hit with a new curveball. “My senior year came to a sudden end, and now, I am not sure how my college [...]

J.P. Irie on 05/26/2020

May: News Briefs & Crime Blotter

NEWS BRIEFS LOCAL DeKalb County gives out 18 tons of food to families in need According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, DeKalb County began giving away $40,000 worth of food on Friday at Panthersville Stadium and [...]

Meadow Barrow on 05/26/2020

Recruiting before quarantine paid off for Rob Lanier

One of the most important aspects of creating and improving a sports team is recruiting. Camps and showcases play a big part in college recruiting because it is where college coaches can see and meet [...]

Janneyn Simmons on 05/26/2020

Female entertainment isn’t a place for misogyny

In 2019, rapper Meagan Thee Stallion coined the phrase “hot girl summer,” an extension of her “hottie” fan base. Hot girl summer originally was a playful representation of her platform and soon spiraled into confusion [...]