Underground on 03/16/2020

IN TRANSIT now online!

It is with great pleasure that our team introduces our Fall 2019 publication of IN TRANSIT to the world. Our hope is that during these times of isolation, stillness, and reflection, our journal can make the days move just a bit easier. For the rest of the semester, Underground will regularly feature an artist or writer from […]

Underground on 12/17/2019

Spring 2020—TAKE ROOT

What grounds you? Where do you stand firm? Who is a part of your origin story? How does your heart beat? While IN TRANSIT explored how we are in motion, TAKE ROOT returns to the source. Submit your observations/longings/resistance/meditations for our Spring 2020 issue. Theme is suggested and open to interpretation. GSU students only.

Underground on 09/12/2019

Fall 2019—IN TRANSIT

How are you in transit? How are we in transit? We a campus. We a city. We a society. Submit your creative works to issue 10.1 of our journal for Fall 2019!

Underground on 06/06/2019

“Southland Growing” / Gage Williams

Dogwoods and peach trees will bloom soon, Patching white-pink beauty across highways And state lines where rusted kudzu- covered Signs spread lies that bite like sand flies. Voices rise over backseat bus rides and echo Through the Alabama green grass hills: We Dare Defend our Rights as long as we are white. Charleston-white paint […]

Underground on 06/06/2019

“Soul Food” / Gage Williams

[Gage is a senior English student at Georgia State University. Originally from Zebulon, GA, he has been living and writing in Atlanta since 2014.]

Underground on 06/06/2019

Who we are…

WELCOME! Cayce Tiedemann, here— your Editor in Chief for the upcoming 2019-2020 year. Underground Journal is GSU’s only art and literary journal featuring our students, by our students. We publish art, prose, and poetry from undergrads twice a year via our Fall and Spring issues. Our website, social media, and entire organization will be undergoing some […]

Underground on 06/06/2019

“Hiding in the Dryer” / Flannery McAleer

My heart goes like a fat bird. I want you to find me. My body curves limply like someone falling through air but I am caught and cradled, rolled inside a metal ball. I am the little breathing pupil in a mechanical eye. The ocean moves in my ear like when mom showed me how […]

Underground on 12/01/2018

Underground on 12/01/2018

Underground on 12/01/2018