Freedom University: Underground university for Georgia's undocumented students

Posted on 05/31/2019

Wearing monarch butterfly wings as a symbol of “natural migration,” 24-year-old Arizbeth Sanchez watches as Atlanta Police arrest nine protesters. Sanchez was one of seventeen demonstrators protesting the policies the Georgia Board of Regents enforces on undocumented students in the state’s top universities.

“We keep fighting. Unfortunately, these bans are not going to be lifted today, and it has been nine years since these policies have been implemented,” Sanchez says. “As long as they’re here for the long run, we’re going to be here.”

Sanchez is one of the 22,000 undocumented students in Georgia who are beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA. Sanchez, was also a student Freedom University, a modern-day freedom school in Atlanta. Freedom schools have historically been an alternative way to educate African American youth dating back to the civil rights movement. Now they are helping a new generation, this time of undocumented students.

Reporter/Videographer/Editor: Kevin Sanchez

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