Editor-in-Chief on 01/30/2017

Chillin with Caleb – Sleepless Review and Obama and Hip-Hop

Caleb reviews the film “Sleepless” starring Jaime Foxx and he talks about the impact that Barack Obama’s presidency on hip-hop culture.Host: Caleb Smith Director and Editor: Ben Abrams Music: Chucki Beats (Yuki Asemota) https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic

Editor-in-Chief on 01/26/2017

Blue Bleachers – State of Panther Basketball 2017

This is the Blue Bleachers podcast. The second version of the sports podcast about Georgia State athletics by the Signal. Rashad Milligan, Michael Gaither, and Ben Abrams give you a quick update of Panther alumni playing professional ball. They also talk about the ups and downs of the basketball sea

Editor-in-Chief on 10/16/2016

Podcast: Blue Jungle 007- ‘Pay or play’ debate III

The final stretch of our three part debate with Rashad Milligan, Michael Gaither, and Ben Abrams as they finish their discussion on the value of students athlete and if they should be compensated by their schools.

Editor-in-Chief on 10/07/2016

Podcast: Culture Collective 005- Black Market ATL

Jazzy Young sits down with the founders of Black Market ATL to discuss their business, the struggles of being a young entrepreneur, and how they want to inspire other college students to do the same.

Editor-in-Chief on 09/30/2016

Podcast: The Blue Jungle 005-“Pay or play” debate part 1

Part one of the three part discussion on compensation for student athletes at Georgia State and colleges across the country. Rashad Milligan, Michael Gaither, and Ben Abrams discuss why or why not pay the athletes. What are the best solutions to resolve this longtime argument in amateur( sports.

Editor-in-Chief on 09/18/2016

Podcast: Blue Jungle- Recap of Men’s Soccer and Panther Alumni in the Pros

Michael Geither joins Ben Abrams and Rashad Milligan for “The Blue Jungle.” The guys talk about the Panther Men’s Soccer teams great start including the Sun Belt’s offensive and defensive players of the week. They also look at how Panther alums like Wil Lutz and RJ Hunter are doing in their professi

Editor-in-Chief on 09/17/2016

Podcast: Culture Collective 004-Quick look at ATL’s culture

On this episode of Culture Collective. Jazzy Young-Lynch gives you a quick overview news happening in music, entertainment, and fashion. She has dates for upcoming festivals and events that will be happening around Atlanta in late September and early October.